A port of the Quake 3 engine to C#. This is not merely a port of Quake 3 to run in a managed environment, but a complete rewrite of the engine using C# 4.0's powerful language features.

The main purpose of porting the original C source code to C# is as a learning exercise to see how a professional 3D engine is constructed. The goal is not to produce an engine that is more optimal or better in functionality than the original, though it will be interesting to see how it does perform once fully ported. This project will progress incrementally over time, as i have many other projects to work on as well, which will take priority at times.

See Greg Dolley's quake3 managed port for an engine that is recompiled in managed C++, but not rewritten to take advantage of any .NET language features.

Completed Functionality
BSP entity parser and stream tokenizer

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